About Us

"I provide consultations Australia wide to enable and inspire you to improve your health"

Jane is an accredited practicing dietitian with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has been practicing in both clinical and private practice for 10 years. 

At an early age, Jane saw the serious effects of food chemical intolerance- experienced by a close family member. By studying foods at University, Jane developed a deeper understanding of just how much food can impact on health and day to day life.


The rise of social media means there is a lot of information available online: some of this is beneficial, while much involves promotion techniques that spread misinformation and confusion.  Reliable, evidence based information is critical for everyone. The advice offered at Blue Lime Nutrition is not only evidence based but focuses on making eating simple and enjoyable.


Nearly one in 4 people follow some form of plant based diet. When a plant based diet is your choice, Jane guides you to reach your optimum health. Jane’s own life choice is a plant based diet so clients can benefit from both lived experience and research.


“I love sharing my passion, food knowledge and using scientific methodology, clients learn to personalize their own food choices for better health and wellbeing”

Blue Lime Nutrition can be used for individual consulting, recipe and product development and menu planning. 

Jane Whitbread Plant Based Dietitian Adelaide