December 19, 2018

Relax for 1-2 days – its not going to make a huge difference in the 365 days of the year. If it’s only a few days of festivities please ignore all the info below, its probably the last thing you need. If the festivities go for quite a few more days it might make a diff...

Cooking with just plants might seem a little daunting at first but it doesn’t take long to get into a routine of understanding just how to prepare and cook delicious food. So what do vegans eat? I get excited just writing this list of foods as there are so many delicio...

Biome Basics

Our gut contains trillions of bacteria that have a weight of over 1kg!

Bacteria perform different functions for us – help to break down foods, manufacture vitamins, amino acids, calm our immune system, influence our mood and may even affect our ability to co...

October 23, 2018

The low FODMAPS diet (low in short chain poorly absorbed and highly fermentable carbohydrates) has been found to be successful in lowering IBS symptoms in 50-80% of patients, based on results from controlled experiments. The diet’s key action is to reduce the amount of...


1/2 cup of dry quinoa - cooked to directions

1 sweet potato - peeled and diced into bite sized pieces

1/2 cup of chick peas - cooked or tinned

4 walnuts

4 dried figs, sliced

3 leaves of curly kale - stem removed and torn into small pieces

Tahini Dressing:

3 tablesp...

Tasty vegan sandwiches are almost impossible to find from your average deli. With a little effort at home these messy rainbow sandwiches are extremely tasty and enjoyable.


  • 2 slices of grainy wholemeal bread, cape seed works well.

  • A few sli...

Plant Pesto is a staple for me as its tasty, versatile and packed full of nutrients.

You can have this on crackers or stirred through your pasta . Very simple and quick to make. You also don't need a high powered blender for this one.


1 cup of fresh basi...

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