One Week Plant Based Meal Plan!
Nutrient analysed - including calories, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals!
Text and pictorial meal plan (33 pages) for easy reading
Includes shopping list, nutrient tables and more than 30 recipes and meal ideas
Eat ethically and feel better
Learn how to increase your vitamin and mineral intake using foods
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"I'm very happy with the e-book - nutrient analysed plant based meal plan. It was a big eye-opener. Great tips about how to get enough vitamins and minerals. Please let me know, when you publish your next e-book! Thanks" Charlotte, SA


Struggling to get organised at home?


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The meal plan has been analysed and shows you the nutrients it provides compared to your recommended daily intake. It also discusses other essential nutrients eg B12.

Recipes range from basic hearty everyday mains and snacks to spicy ginger tofu salads and a filling smoothie bowl. The week is packed full of flavour and variety that you could easily extend over a full month.