Plant Based Meal Plan

Plant Based Meal Plan

Nutrient analysed, tasty nutritious everyday meals for you home.

Having trouble getting everything you need from a plant based diet? Are you interested in managing your weight or just learning more about plant based cooking?

This informative e-book is written by a accredited practicing dietitian (APD) in Australia who is University qualified to provide nutrition advice.

The book discusses nutrients often lacking in plant based diets and how to get them, as well as a 1 week nutrient analysed meal plan with shopping list and delicious easy to understand recipes. The meal plan and recipes are easy to follow with photos for 36 meal and snacks.

This ebook is excellent for women who are interested in meeting their requirements as well as managing their weight. It contains nutritional information attached to each recipe. The nutrients analysed in the meal plan include calories, protein, fibre, minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iodine as well as many vitamins. Are you getting enough of these nutrients everyday?

For females between 18-50 - here's a great meal plan that shows you how you can!