Computerized dietary nutrient intake analysis

Ask when making your appointment ask if you would like to have your diet comprehensively analysed. You will learn if you are likely to be meeting your recommended daily intake of nutrients and what can be done to help. This can be beneficial when undergoing restriction of foods due to food intolerance or ethical reasons. You are now able to type your food intake into a phone application and we will analyse this prior to your consult.

Step 1: Download Easy Diet Diary on your iphone

Step 2: Enter your food and drink for 3+ days

Step 3: Email us your diary through the app


Weight management, Diabetes & Heart Disease

We are experienced and successful at helping clients manage weight and diabetes using evidence based strategies. For the treatment of heart disease risk factors Jane has experience working as a cardiac surgical support dietitian in a hospital setting. She enjoys assisting people with strategies to reduce overall risk of heart disease including reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.



Plant Based Diets

People turning to plants as their main source of nutrition is a rapidly growing area, with 1 in 4 people in Australia currently eating a vegan or vegetarian diet. This may be due to increased awareness of eating ethically, improving health and/or reducing your impact on the environment. Blue Lime Nutrition encourages people to achieve their optimum health whether you are experienced or a beginner. A one week plant based thoroughly analysed meal plan with recipes is available.

Food allergy or Intolerance

  • Meeting nutritional requirements while restricting for allergies

  • Chemical elimination diets 



Food intolerance can be responsible for a large range of symptoms including migraines, hives, insomnia, anxiety, bowel problems and bloating. There are various types of food intolerance, chemical (amines, salicylate or glutamate) or short chain carbohydrate (FODMAPS) causing symptoms. The symptoms can be overlapping and hard to recognise without a good understanding of the types of symptoms and the chemicals contained within each food. Blue lime Nutrition has learned from the experts RPAH allergy unit in Sydney on how to conduct the Elimination Diet.


Dietitians at Blue Lime Nutrition are very experienced in educating clients on the FODMAPS diet for management of bloating and other gut symptoms. Like the elimination diet, the FODMAPS diet is designed to be temporary and requires challenging at the end of the trial. The challenge involves trailing each potential FODMAP to ensure you have a better understanding of the effect each has on your body.

Recipe & Product Development

Blue Lime Nutrition can be used for consulting, recipe and product development, menu planning and labelling.